Aushadham has a database of more than 10000 + classical ayurvedic medicine from about 50 plus books of रस शास्त्र and भैषज्य कल्पना. The range of classical book is from चरक संहिता to भारत भैषज्य रत्नाकर, i.e. from 2500 bc to 20 century.... This is the first version of the application with various filters like:

Once you download the app you are always with most of the classical database of ayurvedic medicine.
Aushadham is very useful for ayurvedic student, pharmacies and pharmaceutical researcher, ayurvedic doctor, teachers and even useful for the patients to know the contents of medicine given by an ayurvedic expert.
This is the primary version of the application and we are updating it soon with the patented drugs from various pharmacies.

Bheshajam has unique features like daily update off disease, herb and medicine.

You can directly search Google for herb which are part of any preparation.

You can search ROGADHIKAR based formulation. For example in search bar you to search for UNMAAD, search result will give you all the available preparation available in classic.

You can even search this is based on modern medical terminology like, FEVER type penis search bar shows all the Medicine available for fever in ayurvedic classics.

You can search content based formulation i.e. if you type ASHVGANDHA or withania somnifera in search bar, will resulted in list of all the preparation contain Ashwagandha.

MEDICINE OF THE DAY section shows the medicine of the particular day. Which contain all the available resources of the medicine including preparation method, clinical uses, Anupanam, classical reference etc. In short in a year you will be well aware with 365 medicine with all the required knowledge of the particular medicine.

DISEASE OF THE DAY section in the app shows the disease for the particular day in simple language with the aspect of modern medical science. It means you will be well aware with 365 disease is per year only pending 15 minutes per day this section is very useful for the student, faculties and practitioner who wants to know decease in a nutshell or wants to refresh the knowledge of the disease, after education.

HERB OF THE DAY section in the app, update date every day with the press knowledge of the particular herb. It means, one who use his app everyday will definitely be well aware with 365 herb in a year without spending extra effort. This section will be updated with all the information available regarding the particular herb i.e botany, Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals as well as clinical application of the particular herb.

Version 3.0
Logo,UI Improved and added more features in app

Aushadham Aushadham
Aushadham Aushadham

Version 2.0
App Name Changed to Bheshajam
Userfriendly Improved Design

Aushadham Aushadham
Aushadham Aushadham

Version 1.0
Initial Release with advanced search of medicine

Aushadham Aushadham
Aushadham Aushadham

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